Emergency Dental Treatments in Toronto

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What Is a Dental Emergency?

A dental checkup consists of consultation, routine cleaning, and X-rays every six months. In fact,  dental emergency treatments are anything but like routine checkups. Usually, with dental emergency treatment, immediate and obvious action is necessary. Some instances, like broken dental appliances, chipped veneers, or lost fillings, while extremely inconvenient. However, not all dental problems are emergencies. To clarify whether you need to see an emergency dentist as soon as possible or it can wait, consider the following points:

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Bleeding Mouth
My mouth is bleeding.

This could be a sign that you need to see a dentist right away. Overall, you should be worried if you are bleeding for no reason. So, make an appointment to see our dentist for an evaluation and advice on emergency dental treatments.

I have an infection.

Swollen faces or swelling or knots on the gums may be signs of an infection. As a matter of fact, an abscess or a serious infection in your mouth could be potentially life-threatening, and you should treat them as soon as possible. Without a doubt, if a tooth infection is not given immediate attention and left untreated, it can become serious. Surprisingly, most infections can spread to other body areas, including other teeth.

Generally, an injury typically results in a cavity that hasn’t been filled, past dental work, or an infection in one part of the tooth.

Particularly, an abscessed tooth is the most common term to describe a tooth infection that can usually irritate the gums surrounding the infected tooth or cause pain while chewing.

Then, you will need to seek the help of a dentist to treat tooth infection, and s/he will usually run lab tests and imaging to accurately diagnose the problem.

Infected Tooth
A Loose Tooth
I have loose teeth.

Even if it doesn’t hurt, a loose tooth is always a sign of something bad. Adults usually lose teeth because they are pregnant, grind their teeth, have a face injury, have advanced gum disease, or don’t take good care of their teeth. Depending on the cause of the loose tooth loss, it can become tighter once more. Also, if you’re an adult and one of your teeth is loose, you should see a dentist right away.

I am experiencing severe pain.

In fact, bleeding and extreme discomfort are indicators that you should visit the dentist as soon as possible.

Severe Dental Pain
A dentist is extracting a man's tooth
I need a tooth extraction.

Most dentists try to fix a broken, decayed, or damaged tooth with a filling or a normal dental crown. But sometimes a tooth is too broken for the dentist to fix, and standard preventive care won’t fix it either. In these situations, the tooth needs extraction, which is an emergency dental treatments.

I have lost a tooth.

You must initially keep your tooth wet in order to maintain its health until you can visit a dentist. Furthermore, if you get in quickly, many dental offices can restore your tooth and help people who have had teeth extracted the same day.

A man holding a tooth in his hand, in need for emergency dental treatments
Woman smiling with a broken tooth, seeking emergency dental treatments
I have a broken tooth.

Most of the time, if you go to an emergency dentist right away, he or she will fix you’re broken or chipped tooth right away. Once you have an appointment, bring the piece of your tooth that broke with you (if you cannot find it, then a partial can be put in its place). Most dentists say that until you get to their office, you should keep the tooth in warm milk or water.

In general, a dental emergency is any issue that requires immediate attention to prevent tooth loss, stop bleeding, or relieve excruciating pain. Dentistries also consider infections that could be fatal.

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What to Do If I Need Emergency Dental Care

If you are seeking some dental emergency treatments, contact our office at Yonge Street in Summerhill, Toronto, immediately. Thereupon, they will likely provide instructions. Usually, dental emergencies get treated as quickly as possible. Meanwhile, if discomfort and pain remain and you need to see a medical professional, visit us so we can treat your discomfort and pain and determine if any emergency dental services are needed.

Why Dental Land?
Emergency Dentists You Can Trust

Our highly skilled dental team, including our dentist and staff, can provide same-day treatment for emergency cases.

Same-Day Appointments for Emergencies

Our dental team will help you whether you need urgent dental care or an emergency dentist appointment.

Emergency Dental Care near Me

Nonetheless, if you are experiencing pain from a dental-related emergency, call our emergency dentist at Dental Land at Yonge Street in Summerhill, Toronto and schedule a same-day dental appointment. Without a doubt, dental Land is the best dental clinic in Summerhill, Toronto, for dental emergencies. Book an appointment or call our clinic.


First, you should contact us at Dental Land, our dentist can advise you on what to do. Subsequently, the most important thing to remember in the case of a dental emergency treatments is that it is better to take action as soon as possible to avoid greater problems later on. Contact us as soon as possible for dental emergencies so that our dentist will be able to help you solve the problem on your own or let you know that you should make an appointment.

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