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At our Summerhill Dental Clinic, helping our clients achieve an affordable, attractive, and healthy smile is our main goal. Our dental team uses the most recent dental technologies to help you.

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Dr. Katy Yarahmadi, DDS at Summerhill Dental Clinic

Dr. Katy Yarahmadi, DDS

Principal Dentist at Summerhill Dental Clinic

I started practicing dentistry in 2007. Since 2020, I have been employed as a dentist in Toronto.

Respect, reciprocal trust, and enhancing patients’ lives by creating beautiful, healthy smiles are the cornerstones of my work. I’ve worked as a dentist for the past fifteen years. However, I also take great satisfaction in my honesty and compassion. I also make an effort to care for every patient the same way I would my own family.

Dental Land has been open every morning to help people in need. We hope that you and your family stay healthy. Still, if you have any questions about the safety measures we take at our office to keep you, your fellow patients, and our staff safe, please contact us.

Our Expert Doctors Will Help You Choose the Best Treatment

Located in Summerhill, Toronto, Dental Land is a one-stop dental office. At a reasonable price, we offer cutting-edge dental care.

Indeed, Dental Land is on a mission to give everyone in Summerhill, Toronto, a healthy mouth. Therefore, it starts with state-of-the-art equipment, highly skilled dentists in Toronto, and the most modern and advanced techniques available. In fact, our dentist at the Summerhill dental clinic in Toronto offers patients convenience and access to a complete range of affordable, high-quality general and cosmetic dental services. For example, Invisalignroot canal therapy, smile makeovers, teeth whitening, and cosmetic dentistry near you.

To sum up, conveniently located on Yonge St. & Summerhill, our team of dental staff is available to the Toronto community at large.

Dr. Hamed Dajou, DDS

Dr. Hamed Dajou, DDS

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