What Is Endodontics?

In general, there are several nationally recognized dental specialties in Canada. Endodontics is one of them. In detail, it is one branch of dentistry concerning the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of dental pulp diseases (the soft tissue inside the teeth) and the surrounding tissues of the teeth. For example, root canal treatment is a type of endodontics treatment. Additionally, endodontic treatment helps to know something about the anatomy of the teeth. The soft tissue inside the teeth is called the pulp under the white enamel, and a hard layer is called the dentin.

As a matter of fact, endodontics treatment is primarily concerned with root canal therapy. Like removing the diseased dental pulp and replacing it with filling material. After this procedure, the connecting blood vessels in the jaw will continue to nourish the tooth. Subsequently, The tooth will be considered dead, although the fibres that hold the teeth in the jawbone are alive.

Indeed, local anesthesia will aid in performing the operations on the pulp. Undeniably, preservation of the natural tooth in this manner serves both appearance and utility. In fact, a natural tooth implanted in the jaw maintains the integrity of the dental arch. Surprisingly, it can withstand about ten times more pressure than artificial teeth.

Endodontics in Yonge St., Toronto
Endodontics in Toronto
Who Is An Endodontist?

In short, an endodontist is a specialized dentist in saving teeth. In detail, they use advanced techniques to treat dental pulp and root tissues. Also, an endodontist or a root canal specialist can help you save your teeth and keep your natural smile. So you can continue to maintain your overall health and eat your favourite foods. Without a doubt, nothing feels, functions, or looks like your natural teeth!

Overall, root canal dentists have to complete more than two years of advanced training in endodontics. After that they go through dental school to become specialists. Besides, they perform routine as well as challenging endodontics procedures. This can include endodontic surgery, root canal treatment, and special procedures to save teeth after traumatic dental injuries. In fact, endodontists are experts at efficiently managing a wide array of complex endodontics problems. They focus their practice on specific techniques such as trauma, surgery, and root canal treatment. Basically, specialized techniques and advanced technologies give endodontists a very accurate view of the inside of the teeth. This will allow them to treat the teeth comfortably and quickly.

Why Should I See An Endodontist?

Generally, most people know what dentists do and understand what they do. But this is not right about what endodontists do. In fact, endodontists are dentists who focus on the inside of teeth and the roots of teeth. On the other hand, general dentists know about the insides of teeth. But a regular dentist knows less than an endodontist. Also, here are some reasons why you might want to see an endodontist:

They Are Dental Specialists

Indeed, endodontists have earned their dental degrees, just like normal dentists. Conversely, endodontists have two or more years of extra training beyond what general dentists get. This endodontics training also goes over how to diagnose root canals, tooth pain, and other issues. These things can be done on the inside of the tooth. Endodontists are specialists in root canals. People often call them “teeth-savers” because they save teeth.

Root Canals Are Routine to Them

Evidently, endodontists focus only on the inside of the tooth. Moreover, they only do procedures such as traumatic dental injuries, endodontic surgeries, and root canals. So they perform far more root canals than a general dentist. In fact, general dentists usually only do about two root canals a week. At the same time, the average endodontist performs about twenty-five. Obviously, these numbers of performed root canals alone mean that an endodontist will likely have more experience than a general dentist in root canals.

Root Canals
Advanced Endodontic Technology
Experts at Managing Pain

Indeed, taking care of pain is a big part of endodontics, for sure. Because of this, endodontists are very good at finding the causes of tooth pain and treating them. Also, they can give their patients drugs to make them feel no pain. Medicines that help people who have trouble going numb or staying that way. Without a doubt, your endodontics treatments, such as a root canal, will be as comfortable as possible with the help of an endodontist.

Advanced Endodontic Technology

Up to the present time, the most advanced endodontic technology is used by endodontists to treat teeth. In detail, endodontists use 3-D imaging techniques and digital radiography to acquire information about the infection sites and internal structures. This will allow them to make effective treatment plans. Then, they use a dental dam to protect the rest of your mouth during treatment by isolating the affected tooth. Also, they use dental operating microscopes to view and treat the extremely tiny root canals.

Best Treatment Outcomes

The specialized training that endodontists receive and their extensive experience and use of technology allow them to perform the best root canal treatments. As a result, less trauma to the tooth and surrounding structures happen. This leads to fewer post-treatment complications such as less recovery time and a decreased risk of infection. Furthermore, endodontists are more likely to successfully remove all the bacteria from the root canals and pulp, so there is a small chance of needing root canal retreatment.

As an illustration, endodontists are highly skilled in treating teeth. Their specialized training, daily experience, ability to manage pain, use of technology, and better treatment outcomes are the key reasons you should see an endodontist. Indeed, no one looks forward to a root canal or other endodontic treatments. Still, an endodontist can ensure the best root canal experience possible.


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