The Increase In Dental Conditions Caused By Stress

It’s no secret that many people have experienced extreme stress over the past year. This makes the growth in dental diseases linked to stress relatively foreseeable. However, many individuals need to be aware of the significant effects stress and mood may have on dental health. You may take charge of your oral health by realizing that stress can lead to tooth problems. It is crucial to make sure that you continue to come to see us frequently despite the tremendously stressful time. Here are a few points to remember regarding the growth in dental diseases linked to stress.

ADA Resources

According to ADA research, most dentists have observed a marked increase in stress-related dental disorders. About 70% of the dentists whose opinions were sought out had noticed increased dental disorders linked to stress. This number has steadily increased from the 60% of dentists who reported these dental issues at the end of last year. The prevalence of dental diseases linked to stress has increased as the epidemic has persisted.

Gnashing of Teeth

The Rise in Dental Conditions Associated with Stress

One of the most typical ways stress affects dental health is through teeth grinding. Individuals are more prone to clench their jaw or grind their teeth when they are under more stress. The teeth may suffer significant wear as a result of this. The enamel of your teeth is frequently more susceptible to deterioration, chipping, and breaking when you grind your teeth frequently.

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Teeth with Cracks and Chips

Stress & Dental Health in Summerhill, Toronto

Your teeth might become more prone to injury when you grind your teeth. As a result, the chance of cracked and broken teeth has significantly increased. The inside of your teeth might become visible, which could cause additional issues. It is crucial to speak with our specialists for the right dental care if you have seen chips or cracks in your teeth.

Symptoms of TMJ

Increased stress levels and jaw clenching have contributed to an increase in TMJ symptoms. Unpleasant symptoms, including headaches and jaw discomfort, may be present. You must receive TMJ therapy to regain your comfort and avoid problems that can influence your dental health. Working with Dental Land staff to get the right care if you have TMJ symptoms is crucial.

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Stress is a characteristic of life that is generally persistent. However, a large percentage of people have reported that this past year has been exceptionally stressful. As a result, the prevalence of dental diseases linked to stress has dramatically increased. It’s crucial to work with our staff at Dental Land Family if you suspect you could have a dental disease caused by stress. We can assist in getting you the proper services to repair your smile. Contact Dental Land immediately to learn more about the current increase in stress-related dental issues.

We are here to help you get rid of any dental problems or issues and bring back your dental health to you. Also, be aware of our other Blog posts to acknowledge your doubts and problems. Contact us at Summerhill, Toronto!

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