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Who is a Family Dentist?

A family dentist is just a part of a category of service providers that can make your life better, more comfortable, and hopefully, a little bit easier. Obviously, like most people, you may not have a plan for regular visits to the dentist, and you may know the price you have to pay for it. Undeniably, it is always a big mistake to wait for oral health issues to progress because they cause pain and discomfort and usually cost a lot to treat.

It is not good to let your children go through this, either. In either case, one of the best decisions for your family may be to have a family dentist. Oral health is essential. Oral hygiene not only helps you with a great smile but also reduces the chances of heart disease, infections, and even cancer. In addition, it is a crucial part of your and your family’s overall health and wellness. Although you may think that a pediatric dentist is much more suitable for your kids, a family dentist is also qualified enough to take excellent care of their oral health.

Indeed, making just one phone call to make appointments for the whole family and driving to the same location with everyone is one of the most important benefits of a family doctor. In conclusion, a dental practitioner who treats patients from kids to adults is a family dentist. They offer a vast collection of treatments, such as fluoride treatments, x-rays, fillings, dental checkups, examinations, cleaning, and sealants.


Your family deserves a professional family dentist who will maintain your oral health as well as improving it.

What Are the Edges of Having a Family Dentist?
1. Oral Care Simplicity

A family dentist is skilled in providing dental care for everyone in the family — from elderly patients to toddlers. In this case, you do not need to schedule appointments with several dental professionals on several days. Instead, a single schedule is required for the family’s routine cleanings and checkups, making life much easier. Furthermore, this adaptability means that children can continue to visit the same dentist from a young age until they reach adulthood.

2. A Broad Range of Services

Many family dentists have experience in different dental services because they treat patients of all ages. Additionally, they must be able to create dentures for seniors, retainers for teenagers, and provide sealants for children. Despite the services a patient needs —deep cleaning or teeth whitening services— they can get them from their family dentist without switching between dental care providers.

3. More Effortless Dental History Tracking

It can be problematic if you have to switch from a pediatric dentist to a general dentist. Also, you have to transfer records from one specialist to another. It is a lot better to create a relationship with a dentist. As an illustration, the patient’s dental records and chart remain in one place. Henceforth, having a family dentist will be easier to address dental problems without missing any details.

4. Better Relationships Between Dentists and Patients

Patients’ relationship with their dentist is improved with each dental appointment. Thus, every family member will be familiar with the dentist and will be more comfortable when receiving dental care. What’s more, it will be easier to talk about any reservations or concerns they may have about a dental procedure or concerning oral health.

Also, it helps kids to find it easier to visit the family dentist and not give in to dental anxiety. In truth, there is a chance that children may never get to see their parents in the dental chair for a procedure or cleaning if different dentists are providing oral care for the family. As a matter of fact, kids see their parents taking their oral health seriously if the whole family receives oral care together by having a family dentist. In addition, parents will also make sure their children are in safe hands because this will set an example for the children to take care of their teeth.

Factors to Consider Before Choosing a Family Dentist

It is crucial to decide on the right family dentist. In fact, Choosing the right family dentist can keep your family’s oral health up to date because proper oral health is the key factor to maintaining a healthy body overall. So if you want to choose the best family dentist, it is essential to pay attention to some factors. We mention two of them here:


An essential factor to consider is the operating hours and the office’s location. Undeniably, your ideal pick should be convenient for you to get to. Also, the working hours should work for you. It should also be easy to check on the dentist’s availability and make an appointment. Besides, the ability to do specialist referrals is also a bonus, especially if your insurance requires it.


A good dentist has a stellar reputation amongst their fellow dentists, former patients, and the community. Indeed, they should be family-friendly and have a warm, inviting atmosphere that makes you enjoy going. Not only that, but they should also have proper qualifications from professional associations and institutions, like the Canadian Dental Association or the Royal College of Dentists of Canada.

Serving the Summerhill region in Toronto, Dental Land provides a wide range of dental services, from denture placement and dental implants to family dentistry to Invisalign and invisible braces.

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