Although tooth extraction may seem a little daunting and nerve-wracking, it is a fairly standard dental procedure when necessary.

When Is Tooth Extraction Necessary?

From time to time, when the dentist cannot repair the damaged tooth, s/he recommends extraction. For example, some reasons for tooth removal are:

  • To help an impacted tooth
  • Irreparable tooth damage due to severe decay
  • To eliminate teeth overcrowding (Orthodontic treatment might require tooth removal)
  • Trauma or injury after an accident
  • To extract wisdom teeth (third molars) either before or after they come in
Tooth Extraction Preparation

Undoubtedly, the dentist at Dental Land will ensure you are comfortable through the extraction procedure. To explain, your dentist will thoroughly review your medical and dental history and take the appropriate X-rays before removing a tooth. In general, X-rays reveal the tooth’s length, shape, position, and surrounding bone.

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Need a Tooth Removal

Before a simple extraction, the dentist will numb the area around your tooth using a local anesthetic to help you experience a painless tooth extraction. Nevertheless, your oral surgeon might administer IV (intravenous) anesthesia during a surgical extraction. Overall, it can range from conscious sedation to general anesthesia (which will put you to sleep). Lastly, ask someone to drive you home after the procedure and stay with you until the effects wear off if you need general anesthesia.

Tooth Extraction Process

Indeed, tooth removal is the final procedure for a tooth that a dentist cannot treat in any other way. Usually, wisdom teeth cause problems due to crowding and misalignment and demand wisdom tooth removal. Nonetheless, it is always a healthy habit to visit your dentist regularly, at least twice a year. Even when there are no signs of pain or discomfort in your oral cavity. Generally, there are two types of extractions you might have. In fact, depending upon the tooth’s position, the dentist will decide if a simple extraction will do the job or if a surgical extraction is required:

Simple Extraction

Certainly, the extraction of a visible tooth in your mouth is simple. Accordingly, performing simple extractions is a common performance for a general dentist. Thereupon, the dentist numbs the gum tissue and tooth and loosens it with an elevator instrument before removing it with dental forceps.

Surgical Extraction

In contrast, a surgical extraction is a complex procedure for a tooth. When a tooth has not come into the mouth yet or may have been broken at the gum line, surgical extraction is needed. Usually, surgical extractions are done by oral surgeons. However, general dentists can perform them as well. At first, the dentist makes a small cut into your gum during a surgical extraction and removes the underlying tooth. Generally, a surgical dental extraction is needed in most cases to remove wisdom teeth.

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Tooth Extraction
After the Extraction

Without a doubt, preventing infection by keeping the area clean is the most important thing to keep up with after tooth removal. After the procedure, you might be asked to bite down gently on a piece of dry, sterile gauze over the extraction socket immediately. Furthermore, it helps you to limit the bleeding and helps the tooth blood clot. You will be provided with detailed aftercare instructions.

However, 24 hours after your extraction, you should not clean the teeth next to the extraction socket, rinse your mouth vigorously, or smoke.

Meanwhile, you might feel a certain amount of pain and discomfort following an extraction. In any case, your dentist might recommend or prescribe a pain killer for you. Additionally, it might help apply an ice pack to your cheek to reduce swelling. Also, you should limit strenuous activity and avoid hot liquids and avoid drinking through a straw. Generally, under normal circumstances, discomfort should lessen within three days to 2 weeks. However, call your dentist or oral surgeon immediately if you experience prolonged or severe pain, swelling, bleeding, or fever. In short, follow your dentist’s recommendations carefully for a successful and uncomplicated procedure.

Why Dental Land?

When you visit Dental Land, our team of credible dentists will carry out a comprehensive oral examination. Even an advanced CAT scan will be done if needed to spot the exact position of the impacted tooth that has to be extracted. Furthermore, a comprehensive assessment will allow our dentist to plan and perform a tooth extraction in Summerhill, Toronto, safely. Unquestionably, we strictly follow sterilization and hygiene measures at our clinic to assure our patients’ health while carrying out any dental procedure. Besides, you can make same-day tooth extraction appointments with the best emergency dentists in Summerhill, Toronto, because we offer emergency dental care such as emergency tooth extraction.

Need a Tooth Extraction?

Here at Dental Land, Dr. Katy Yarahmadi and her group want to make it easy for patients to get affordable, quality care. Dental Land is a one-stop dental clinic that offers same-day emergency dentistry in Summerhill, Toronto, delivering state-of-the-art dental services at an affordable rate.

If you consider undergoing a tooth extraction or need a tooth pulled now, contact Dental Land to book your same-day emergency appointment today.

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