Why You Need to Drink More Water to Protect Your Teeth?

You may already take steps to protect your dental health, like brushing and flossing every day and getting regular dental checkups. Still, you should learn that drinking water has a number of practical benefits that help improve oral health. Water is different from all other drinks, and it is by far the healthiest one. Our bodies have 60% water, and staying hydrated helps your body distribute healthy nutrients, get rid of waste, give your skin a healthy glow, and keep your muscles moving.

Here are some benefits of drinking water for your teeth:

Makes Teeth Stronger

To strengthen teeth, it’s best to drink water, including water with fluoride added. Fluoride is an ingredient that has been shown by science to make teeth healthy and cut down on cavities. It helps keep teeth strong and helps them get back their minerals. A simple way to take care of your teeth is to drink water with fluoride in it.

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Makes Your Mouth Clean

Your teeth will stay clean if you drink water and brush and floss them every day. It gets rid of sugars and bacteria, as well as acid and food residues. If these harmful substances are left on the tooth’s surface and in the spaces between the teeth, bacteria will grow and cause cavities. You won’t have stained teeth if you drink water instead of colas, teas, and coffee.

Helps with Dry Mouth

Water Helps with Dry Mouth

When your mouth is dry, you don’t have enough saliva, which keeps your teeth from getting cavities. A dry mouth is also painful and a sign of dehydration. If you drink enough water daily, your mouth won’t dry, and you’ll make more saliva, which means you won’t get as many cavities.

Eliminates Bad Breath

If you always have bad breath, you know how embarrassing it can be. Bad breath can be caused by not taking care of your teeth, having a dry mouth, or having dirty teeth. It’s no wonder that mouthwash and other products to get rid of bad breath are a billion-dollar business. But drinking a lot of water throughout the day cleans your mouth and gets rid of bacteria that cause bad breath.

Rehydrates Your Gums

However, the health of your mouth isn’t just about your teeth. Your gums are also part of it. You could get gingivitis and lose your teeth if your gums aren’t healthy. Drinking water helps your mouth make saliva, which is important for healthy gums. If you drink enough, your gums will stay moist and full, which will protect the roots of your teeth.

Water is important for many parts of your health, and your dental health is no exception. If you don’t drink at least 60 ounces of water every day, you should start taking steps to get up to eight glasses. Keep cold filtered water in the fridge and drink that instead of Pepsi, tea, or Coke. So, follow these steps to drink more water and improve your dental health quickly.

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Water and Oral Hygiene in Summerhill, Toronto

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