Have your Easter chocolate and eat it, too

It’s Easter this Sunday, and for many people, that means yummy Easter treats.
And while those treats have lots of sugar, it doesn’t mean you have to miss out for the sake of your oral health. Just follow this tip from Dental Land:
Eat chocolate (in moderation) and avoid other types of candy. Chocolate isn’t the worst thing that can damage your teeth. Sweets such as jelly beans, lollipops, sticky caramels, and marshmallows can easily stick to your teeth and be harsh on tooth enamel.
We recommend avoiding hard candies, too, since chomping down on them can risk chipping your tooth enamel.
So, to enjoy Easter goodies while taking care of your oral health, stick to chocolate. And remember to brush and floss before bedtime.
Then why not come in for a cleaning the following week or so? If you’re a new Dental Land patient, you’ll receive complimentary Zoom whitening with an exam and cleaning.

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